Devil’s advocate here. Not slamming the women’s campaign, just saying that men’s issues matter too. I would also like to point out that these are real searches but do not necessarily pop up in the order listed, as must be the case in the women’s campaign since my google search results for women should _____ etc. did not pop up as listed in the UN campaign. I don’t own the photos used here so please forgive me for any infringement. 

Guys, signal boost this.

Reblogging this again since it barely has 1k notes and the other has over 30k last time I saw it.

Also, search engines often give you the information they know you regularly search for, so it may be true that those things pop up next to each other, especially for actively blogging feminists. It feeds their confirmation bias.

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The pAper chAse – The Kids Will Grow Up To Be Assholes (421 plays)


The pAper chAse - Now You Are One Of Us

>Noise Rock, Experimental

A very unique album by The pAper chAse. Quite math-rock influenced, with eerie samples and a dark atmosphere. I’ve really been loving this album lately, it’s got so much variation in the 15 tracks. The whole album is just so memorable.


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New Eels album.

Oh, and there`s some new Nick Cave out.


New Atoms For Peace track.

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